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Why use a Celebrant for your Big Day

Listen to Roland performing a symbolic ceremony


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film produced by the amazing Matthias Guerin

Choosing the right Celebrant is the key to a wonderful wedding 

Imagine your perfect wedding day that begins with a wonderful symbolic ceremony at a romantic location perhaps a fairytale chateau, a rustic manoir, a family home, or even on a beach


Anything is possible


The advantages of a Symbolic or Blessing Ceremony are that you are not bound by any restrictions, you can choose a formal or informal atmosphere and your format can be either traditional or as creative as you wish to suit your personalities,  It can have readings, poems or even lyrics from your favourite songs, so that relatives and friends feel included, These can be from the more serious to wacky and funny. 


Why use a professional Celebrant when you could use a friend or relative?  Yes, that is a possibility, but truthfully, that person needs to be trained or at least used to public speaking and able to deal with any pitfalls that might occur on the day.  A Celebrant is trained to deal with any eventuality and to write and deliver your ceremony seamlessly.  Your guests are coming a long way to attend your wedding, so a wonderful ceremony is needed, otherwise, it could just be another elaborate party.


To keep within the laws of France, most couples living outside of France will have a simple registry office in their home country, followed by their dream wedding in France.  In fact most of the ceremonies we take, the majority of guests do not realise that it is a symbolic ceremony.  Most couples will choose to celebrate their wedding anniversary on the date of their French wedding day.


Alison, Roland or Alan will work with you to ensure your ceremony is right for you and the vows you make to each other in front of your family and friends have true meaning and give your day gravitas.  It is our job to guide you and work with you to create for you a ceremony that reflects your personalities and your wishes.  


Your ceremony has to be perfect for your perfect day

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